Every one is a unique world.*

“It is wrong to pretend that human beings are unique, that they carry within them an irreplaceable individuality. As far as I was concerned, at any rate, I could not distinguish any trace of such an individuality. As often as not, it is futile to wear yourself out trying to distinguish individual destinies and personalities. When all’s said and done, the idea of the uniqueness of the individual is nothing more than pompous absurdity. We remember our own lives, Schopenhauer wrote somewhere, a little better than we do a novel we once read. That’s about right: a little, no more.”

(Michel Houellebecq ‘Platform’)

Michael Göbel - Mein öffentliches Leben, 1999Mein öffentliches Leben


You’ll find news and pictures and the “on the edge”-project in my blog (german language only).

* french proverb, based on a letter form Napoléon III. to his mother.

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